Our Main Services

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Faster Payments

Faster Payments is a card processing facility which significantly reduces the funding delay most businesses experience when taking payment using a chip and pin card machine or other payment acceptance devices.

End-of-Day Funding

All card transactions from your trading day, typically up until 6pm are aggregated into one batch which is funded as one payment at the end of your trading day; Typically in your company bank account by 7pm the same day.

Hourly Funding

Card transactions are collated and funded on an hourly basis. Designed for businesses with larger card throughputs that require immediate cashflow.

Every Transaction Funding

Each card transactions is processed and funded individually. Aimed at businesses which average fewer transactions per day where each payment could be in your account within an hour of processing.

Unrivalled Service

Direct access to your account managers via telephone, Mobile, WhatsApp, Instant Messenger, text message or email & UK based Helpdesk where calls are typically answered within 60 seconds.

New Technology

E-commerce fraud prevention whilst shopping on-line, eliminating 99.9% of credit card misuse.

Ingenico Move 5000

Pax A920

Castles Vega 3000